Blessed Sacrament

Eucharistic Adoration

The Blessed Sacrament must never be left alone.

More committed prayer partners are needed. Please contact the Chapel Coordinator for more information:  Josie McCarthy at 905-791-8770 (h).

We need people who are able to commit for at least one (1) hour at the same time, every Tuesday. If you cannot commit on a weekly basis, but can volunteer to be on a Backup List as an alternate to fill in on occasion for someone who can’t make it, please call the Coordinator.

Sign In/Out Binder:

  • Try to arrive 5 minutes early
  • Please sign the book in the vestibule if you will be staying for 30 minutes or more
  • Please be sure to sign out when you are leaving.  This enables us to know that every hour is covered.

Adoration Etiquette:  

  • Genuflect (if possible) on both knees upon entering the Presence of the Lord. Remember that you are standing in His Presence on Holy Ground.
  • Turn off cell phones and refrain from chatting or whispering.
  • The Monstrance, holding the Body of our Lord, should not be touched.
  • Nothing is to be placed on the altar with the exception of two red votive candles and fresh cut flowers or potted flowers.
  • Spiritual reading material, booklets and leaflets, left behind for visitors to the chapel must be approved by the Pastor.
  • SILENCE is the general rule and we must respect the people who come into the chapel for silent prayer.  Prayers such as the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet can be done in front of the main altar of the church. Even whispered prayers can be a distraction to others.
  • The Adoration Chapel is for silent prayer.

Unable to Attend Your Committed Hour?

  • As a Committed Prayer Partner, you are the Guardian of the Eucharist during your hour. Please make it your responsibility to find someone to cover for you when you cannot be there. A contact list will be provided to all Committed Prayer Partners. If none of the regular prayer partners are available, call a trustworthy friend or family member to take your place.
  • Finally, please notify a coordinator to advise of the arrangement.

Any further questions may be directed to our Pastor, Fr. Regulo Imperial.