Logo for the Catholic Women's League including cross and motto For God and Canada

CWL - Walk to Bethlehem 2020

Logo for the Catholic Women's League including cross and motto For God and Canada

The Catholic Women's League of St John Fisher thanks all who joined in on our 2020 Walk to Bethlehem. We completed 1650 km! That brought us to Amherst, Nova Scotia. 

Our "trip" raised over $600 for our church in pledges/donations.  


The CWL invites you to join them on a Walk to Bethlehem - a virtual walk-a-thon. It is a spiritual and physical journey for the Advent season. Our goal is to purposefully walk as a congregation from Brampton to Bethlehem by Christmas (9350km). All information will be here, on our website and social media.

Here's our video invitation: Add Video link for 2021.

All activities count! Walking, running, cycling, dancing, skating, playing sports. 20 minutes of any of these activities (or any other activity you enjoy for exercise) convert into steps equal to 1 km. 

You are encouraged to send your “travel” information to the CWL email and we will update our virtual map with the steps travelled to see how far we have moved.

  • We encourage all parishioners to participate and pledge money to our church.
  • Send us pictures of you and your family doing their activity.

This activity/fundraiser is good for our bodies, our minds and our spirituality.

Even though we are apart, we can stay connected with our St John Fisher parish community!

Map:  world map dotted.pdf

Thank you for joining letter: WTB - 2020-11-29 SJF JOINING INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

Advent reflections/calendar: to be added for 2021

Daily steps log: 2020-11-29 WTB Log Sheet-KMs-Steps fillable.pdf

Facts about our journey: wtb fact sheet on destinations.pdf